about us

about us

Just like pretty much everything else on the Internet, performance marketing evolves and changes at an extremely fast pace. What worked yesterday is different than what works today, and what will work tomorrow is only known by the most creative companies in the industry… Do videos convert users to paying customers better than regular display ads? Is video a better way to monetize a website? How can video ads better engage users while also delivering a positive experience? What are the most efficient ways to retarget customers and bring them back as paying customers? How can new, relevant customers be found based on past behavior? We believe the way to be better is by combining tried and true practices with the latest methodologies and technologies to achievable optimal results for both advertisers and publishers. Roket Media is an independent, venture backed group of industry veterans looking to change the way video works.

The Team

Kobi Triki - CEO


Iris Schreiber - COO



Sergio Zukerman - Media Buyer

Our token Brazilian, over 15 years of experience in communication and marketing area. CO-Founder of WE, large advertising agency in Brazil. Extensive experience in the media area with direct relationship between publishers and advertisers.

Belissa Dorembus - Media Buyer

Our other token Brazilian, graduated  with a degree in industrial design from  Faap. Professional people skills, Proven experience as an administrative, personal assistant to the VP.  Proficient in Public relations

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