Q.Does it cost anything?

No. Roketmedia service is completely free service.  In fact, we pay YOU very high CPM’s!


Q.How much CPM will I earn?

CPM varies greatly between what units you place on your website and where your traffic is coming from.  However, we have publishers earning as $15 CPM for their traffic, but publishers with very low quality traffic that earn much less.  For an estimate you make contact us [email protected] for a free consultation with one of our publisher development experts.   

Q.Are you ‘Brand Safety’?

Roket Media is committed to working only with the most well-known and reputable brands in the world.  We have a zero tolerance policy to show any ads that may be sensitive in any way.  Every advertiser with Roket Media is closely vetted to ensure they oblige by our strict brand safety policies.  


Q.Is my website acceptable to your network?


We do not allow any traffic sources that may be considered adult, piracy related, fraudulent, gambling, hate speech, violence, or anything one would deem provocative or sensitive.  If you are not sure you may contact us at [email protected]

Q.Are your ads intrusive to my visitors?

By default our content and ads starts 100{00ee862114242f0d4e1447304b1ee5194072128cc96c5c0b2bfabfebcc951413} muted.  Advertisers pay higher CPM if ads start sound on so if this is acceptable to you we can make an adjustment.  Roket Media does not extract, segment, or sell any information from your visitors to a third-party.  


Q.What is your payment policy?

By default we pay our publishers Net 30 at the end of a calendar month.  Adjustments can made for select publishers.  


Q.I signed up, but did not receive the confirmation email.

Please check your spam folder. If it’s there, please add Roketmedia to your emails whitelist, so one of our’s account manager can get back to you.


Q.I got the tag, what do I do now?

Copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your pages where you’d like ads to appear.  You can visit our Getting Started Page to get you up to speed and earning high CPM’s in minutes. 

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