A video player is defined by the technology behind it.  Our proprietary player knows how to prevent fraud and problematic traffic, render ads in lightning speed on all devices, start playing content faster with less buffering, and provide users with a quality experience to remember your brand.

Our rich media technology provides our desktop, mobile web, and mobile application publishers with sophisticated video placement technology to go “beyond the banner" and engage the users with outstream, floating, stay-on, and expandable creatives.

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Player Only Solution

Have great content and ads but looking for a lightweight, technologically-advanced player to deliver maximum results? Use our player to combine it all together. Simply pay us a low fee for every ad impression.

Complete Solution

We provide the content, ads, player and all the hard work so you can work on developing your audience and monetizing

Monetize Your Content and Player

Implement our VAST/VPAID in your player and benefit from direct advertisers, high fill rates, and brand safe content from the world’s leading brands.

quick, brand safe,
performance friendly

Our proprietary player and ad server can deliver ads 42{00ee862114242f0d4e1447304b1ee5194072128cc96c5c0b2bfabfebcc951413} faster than the next best player on the market, all while loading minimal resources in the background and utilizing our sophisticated ad yield monetization technology

Every opportunity is screened for brand safety to ensure ads are only delivered on clean, safe, viewable inventory from respected publishers.

This combination of fast speed and dedication to quality and brand safety yields industry leading fill rate’s and RPM’s for our demand and supply partners.

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